Monday, June 18, 2012

Tagged and Bagged (EMS Heat #14) by Stephani Hecht

Tagged and Bagged (EMS Heat, #14)
Houston is used to being the official wallflower of Flint's EMS community. Not only has he grown up that way, because he was always so soft-spoken, but he was usually too busy cleaning up his twin's messes to have time to worry about anything else. Then when his twin falls in love, Houston finds himself alone and floundering as he tries to adjust to all the changes.

Born and raised in Flint, Rich knows how hard life can be. When he joined the police force, he became even more jaded. So, the last thing expects is to find himself attracted to one of the biggest brats in the city. Sure, most people think Houston is meek and quiet, but they've never seen the real side of the medic like Rich has.

Then Houston makes the mistake of pissing off the most dangerous criminal in Flint and Rich finds himself rushing to the rescue. Will Rich be in time to save Houston or will they both end up tagged and bagged?

                                                                  4.5 STARS 

The EMS Heat series is another favorite of mine from Ms. Hecht, and this book did not disappoint me. Houston's story is one I have been looking forward to since I read his twin's story in the previous book, I'm a big fan of continuing stories can't you tell? LOL 

Anyway, Houston just seemed like one of those characters that I wanted to wrap in my arms and take care of him. Though he's not weak by any means he's not a big guy, so when the story opens and he's trapped handcuffed and cornered by a room full of drunk women at a bride to be party, you just gotta crack up. I mean when it's explained how he got there it's adorable but really shows how kinda naive and trusting Houston really is. 

Then we meet Rich whose cop partner is boyfriends with Houston's twin brother again previous story. But Rich is fighting his attraction to Houston every step of the way, when he has to rescue Houston from the party he can't seem to fight it any longer. Of course the next morning he does something so stupid even I wanted to smack him, but he does grovel well. I recommend

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