Saturday, June 2, 2012

What this reviewer wants & random rant

I'm a little irritated one of my favorite authors asked a question on her blog today and I replied as of a little while ago their were about 109 comments, now I don't think I have given this author a bad review because I love her stories. But out of those 109 she replied to each and everyone but mine o_O now this could have been a  overlook but I'm gonna give you authors some advice if you reply to a  bunch don't leave out anyone that just sucks. I have lost some respect for this author but I will still buy and read her books because Dammit her stories entertain me plain & simple. It still just sucks!

Now I'm over it on to other things, I was recently asked What do I look for in the books i buy? so here we go 1) Honestly it depends on what kind of mood I'm in, some days I want to laugh, some I just want smex (yeah I know that's almost everyday but oh well) and sometimes I just want a beautiful love story or exciting action, I'm not big on angst (I hate to cry through an entire book) some is ok but not so much that I go through a box of tissues. 2) The Author if its someone who is on my top favorites I will buy their book on just their name only, I won't even read the blurb it won't matter to me they will have earned my trust so I will give them mine. 3) If the blurb is good yes I will buy it. I'm also a sucker for series' (it's my OCD kicking in) 4) I also like convenience I usually by from Amazon, or Bookstrand because of the ease in which I can get through the checkout, and recently I have found Silver Publishing that is also easy and I earn points for more free books Squeee!!!! I'm all for free books, if my hubby ever found out how much I spend on my ebooks, I will probably need a good divorce lawyer LOL. Anyway sometimes the cover will catch my eye so that makes me read the blurb.

Okay I think thats it, Oh and I might just throw in some eye candy just for the hell of it. Found this one one another blog I think. Damn Thats HOT!

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  1. Have I mentioned that your reviews entertain me? I appreciate your take on things and have taken a few recommendations recently. ;) thanks!

    -Jana Downs