Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chase of a Lifetime by Ryan Field

Chase of a Lifetime
When Jim Darling graduates from Princeton and goes back home to Texas, he dreads everything ahead of him. He’s almost twenty-one years old, still in the closet, and has never been with a man. Though his father wants him to go to law school so he can join him in his law firm, it’s the last thing Jim wants to do.

On Jim’s first night home, during his college graduation party at his mom and dad’s ranch, he runs into his best friend’s dad, Len Mayfield, a rugged, handsome investment banker in his late thirties who rides horses and wears a cowboy hat when he’s not working as an investment banker. Len’s life isn’t much different from Jim’s. He’s been in the closet forever, he’s trapped in a marriage of convenience with a wife who cheats, and he’s resigned to his circumstances.

That is until Len runs into the grown up version of Jim Darling at the graduation party. What happens after that blossoms into something neither of them ever expected. A long seduction leads to fantastic love-making. There’s enough passion, heartache, and frustration to challenge their fragile relationship in more ways than one.

Will Jim Darling find a way to come clean with his mom and dad so he can find the happiness he’s always wanted? And will Len Mayfield find the courage to finally come out of the closet and walk away from a life that has never made him happy?

                                                                4.25 STARS 

 I started out not liking this book, mainly because of the way Len acted at the beginning, but the longer I kept reading the more I liked this story. I felt it engaged all the angst but the joy of falling in love also, at times it was intense and somewhat sad it had a very "real" feel to it. And Jim's character was just adorable I felt so much for this kid and his stresses with coming out, and falling in love with not only an older man but his best friend (whom he has had secret fantasies about BTW) dad and Len & his wife (Yeah he's married too) are friends with Jim's parents. Not only did all that make this story angst worthy but I thought it made this story funny as hell. I recommend this book I happen to love a HEA and the stress these two go through just to come out and eventually be together are worth it.

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