Thursday, May 10, 2012

Absent-Minded Astrophysicist (A Mind is a Sexy Thing) by TN Tarrant

Absent-Minded Astrophysicist

Dr. Liam McGregor is a well respected astrophysicist, astrobiologist and geologist, and he's only twenty-three. With no family, few friends, and no romantic prospects, he's gotten used to being alone. Focusing on his various scientific projects, and taking care of his decidedly unusual cat help keep the loneliness at bay.

Jareth Manning is starting life over, a new town, new job, after the loss of his husband. The last thing he expected was for the most absentminded, and beautiful, man he'd ever seen to to take up residence in his heart. Nor did he expect to find himself a willingly humble slave to Her Imperial Highness, Empress the Cat. But Jareth has learned that love doesn't come around often, so when it does, hold onto it with both hands.

Jareth is willing to be patient, if Liam is willing to take the risk, after being badly burned before.

They just have to survive Liam's past returning

                                                                     4.5 STARS 

I know you going to say this is right up my geek alley, and you wouldn't be wrong, I sincerely enjoyed this book. The slow build up of a relationship really made this book work for me, the drama seemed real and add in the Empress and I thought it was a lovely, funny, sexy story. Of course the geekiness works for me but Jareth has had his own issues and I really liked the way it was portrayed in a positive light.

 Liam is just to cute for words, I loved how vulnerable he is yet extremely smart too with a heart of gold. Made me wonder how anyone could be mean to this adorable character. The way Jareth takes his time courting Liam instead of jumping into a relationship makes this a sweet, funny and sometimes sexy love story. The added drama surprised me but in a good way. Liam the clutzy little Astrophysicist and the Head of Security Jareth make a interesting couple but one I truly enjoyed reading about.

The storyline works very well for this love story and I will be looking for more books by this author. I recommend 

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