Friday, May 11, 2012

Black Leather Phoenix by G.A. Hauser

Black Leather Phoenix
Even at fifteen years of age Gale Hansen knew when his mother dabbled in devil worship, something very bad was going to happen to him. Without realizing it, Gale's own practice in dark magic opened doors to the shadow world and he lived his life fighting back the sins of his teens. At twenty he was still struggling, trying to keep away from drugs, getting arrested for his violent temper, and lonely for a true heart that would be the guardian angel he needed to bring him into the light.

Jonathan Strickland, the CEO of a bank in Seattle, noticed the handsome young man during a social gathering at a mutual friend, Muriel Brown's house. Though Jonathan was married and thirty years older than Gale, he bought the young man's favors with cold hard cash.During their brief affair, Gale sensed more demons surrounding him than usual and the fight renewed in him to free himself of the satanic curse he'd been saddled with. Sinking deeper and deeper into a doomed relationship with Jonathan, Gale isn't getting what he needs emotionally from the older man and soon it becomes obvious it's about money and what Jonathan can get from Gale physically.

All it took was one fateful evening for Gale's worst nightmare to come true. He wakes from a deep drug-induced sleep with blood on his hands and his life spins out of control.Locked up for a crime he did not commit, Gale prays for a strong spirit to beat back the gloom and rid him of the curse his mother had brought upon him so long ago when she unleashed the demons of the underworld. And that guardian angel shows up in the unlikeliest of places. The cemetery.Can Gale free himself from his past and trust someone enough to let go and fall madly in love? Rise up like the Phoenix from the fiery gates to victory or will the devil himself, take the soul Gale promised him so many years ago?Sometimes the way to get to heaven is by having to go through hell

                                                                                  4 STARS 

Ok I gotta say this was probably the strangest book I have ever read, and don't take that in a bad way. I mean the storyline was really damn good and kept me reading till the end. But it wasn't what I was expecting it's not a love story not really I mean the Guardian Angel that Gale finds near the end does become the major love interest but there is so much that actually goes on way before we get to that point. 

Gale is just plain effed up I mean the stuff he does and goes through half the time I was saying WTF? but Ms. Hauser writes so well that I had to keep reading there was no way I could stop even half way through. Most of the time I felt so bad for Gale because his life was so messed up that he didn't know how to even start to fix it. He also made me think he was kinda a doormat cause everybody just kept screwing him over and all he wanted was someone to love him for himself not what they could get from him.

I am recommending because like I said it's not really a love story but it was exciting and a little spooky which I liked.

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