Monday, May 14, 2012

Nate's Deputy (Shifters' Haven #5) by Lavinia Lewis

Nate's Deputy (Shifters' Haven #5)
Werewolf Nate Stanford is riddled with guilt over his brother Rick’s death…so much so that when he meets his mate—Deputy Sheriff Jared Ambrose—he rejects him, believing he is not good enough for Jared and not worthy of being loved. The only thing that matters to him is buying his childhood home in honour of his brother’s memory.

Since their father died, Jared Ambrose has taken on responsibility for his younger brother, whose drinking binges are constantly getting him into trouble. Jared’s only hope of saving his brother is finding them a place they can call home. Jared wants to make Sheriff, but believes he’ll never be elected if the residents of his new town find out he is gay. When he realises Nate is his mate, he knows it’s not possible for them to be together.

But trouble in their small town and unrest in the supernatural council force them together and make them question their decisions. Can these two stubborn men conquer their demons and overcome all obstacles to carve out a life together?

                                                        4.75 STARS 

I got into this series, a couple months ago and finished all 4 in one weekend, this series is exciting, extremely sexy, and fun. I fell in love with the all the characters so I squealed like a little girl when I saw it was continuing  with book 5.

Nate is the brother of one of the not really bad guy more of a confused guy Rick in the last book. Nate who got shot at the end of book 4 is struggling with the guilt of his brother's death. Deciding on moving on until he runs into his mate the sheriff's deputy. Who has his own problems with his younger brother's drinking. When Nate comes to the rescue of said brother, Jared realizes that Nate's his mate. But thinks he needs to keep it quiet due to his brother and wanting to be sheriff. There's also the little fact that he outbids Nate on his family home.

I loved the mystery that is on going in this series, it's exciting fast paced and Sexy as hell. I recommend. This is one action packed, Hot Sex and fun story.

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