Thursday, May 10, 2012

Colby and the Little Wolf (Lost Shifters #17) by Stephani Hecht

Colby and the Little Wolf (Lost Shifters, #17)
Sometimes bigger isn’t necessarily better.

From the moment they met, there was an undeniable attraction between Colby and Tobias. Even though months had passed since they’d seen each other, the sparks haven’t dimmed one bit. When they finally met again, it was only natural that they end up horizontal on one of the coalition’s more popular conference tables.

Just as they are sure there is no doubt they are destined together, their older brothers intervene and tear them apart. Not because Colby is a Lion shifter. It’s not because Tobias is a Wolf shifter either. The reason for their split can be summed down to two words—they’re runts. And in the shifter world, runt equals weak and vulnerable. It’s only natural that their older siblings are overprotective.

The one thing that their brothers fail to see is that Colby and Tobias are determined to be together, even if that means defying their elders. Will everybody finally see how perfect Colby and his little Wolf are for each other? Or will the pair have to resort to drastic measures to have any kind of happiness?

                                           4.75 STARS 

Although the books about Shane are my favorite in this series I gotta say this ones comes in a very close second this has to be the sweetest, cutest couple I have ever read about. I truly loved this book with both Colby & Tobias being the "runts" of their families they have had some severe traumas, life has not been easy for either one, they both have older brothers who think they are protecting them in their own ways, but in reality are making them feel worthless and failures.

Once they realize that they are mates, nothing can keep them apart, not even overbearing brothers. But trouble follows and choices have to be made, in pretty dramatic fashion "size doesn't matter" is brought into play and love over comes even the "smallest" situations. I truly loved this story it was an intense, beautiful, and even sexy love story, I hope to see more of Colby & Tobias. I also got the added bonus of Shane. I recommend

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