Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dedicated Alpha (Twin Pines Grizzlies #9) by Anitra Lynn McLeod

Dedicated Alpha (Twin Pines Grizzlies, #9)
He was willing to suffer a broken heart to protect the man he loved…

Getting a second chance at love is more than Luke could ask for, but discovering Dillinger is a cop has him running for the door. Luke has a secret that could destroy Dillinger's career, but keeping his distance from the sexy officer might be more difficult than Luke ever imagined.

Dillinger was dedicated to uncovering the truth behind Twin Pines College, but when he reconnects to Luke, a man he never forgot, he is willing to let his goal slide. Luke is more than Dillinger could have ever hoped for, but just as suddenly as he reappeared, Luke vanishes.

Each man is willing to suffer to protect the other, but when their resistance to their own fate puts an innocent man in jeopardy, the leader of the Twin Pines Grizzlies has to intervene. The only question is, will he be too late?

                                                       4 STARS 

This being number 9 in this series it's still an interesting, funny and sexy love story. I liked the chemistry pull between Dillinger & Luke in this one, the sort of pull, push away they do was well written and made me want to read more. Dilly being a cop & Luke thinks he's a criminal was actually a really different take on the mate thing but Damn the sex scenes are SCORCHING! I enjoy that we keep learning new things about characters from previous books, kinda ties them all in. I've already ordered the next 3 books so I'll keep reading them and let you know what I think.  But Damn I hope that poor Dylan gets his own story soon that poor guy has been through hell and back of course he's usually the one that gets beaten or injured in these books LOL I recommend.

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