Sunday, May 27, 2012

Astrid's Wish (Warriors of the Light #2) by AJ Jarrett

Astrid's Wish (Warriors of the Light #2)
After a hundred years of abuse, Astrid Reznik has finally found a home. Living amongst the Warriors of the Light, he has all he ever dreamed of, a family. Everything changes when the witch sent by the Council of Paranormal Beings to question him ends up being his mate. Suddenly he desires things from another man he never thought possible.

Klaus Marinos is a high council witch whose job is to hunt down evil witches who use their magic for evil. Believing Astrid to be no better, he is shocked to learn besides being mates, the young witch is also half fairy. Astrid’s an anomaly in their world, and Klaus is forced to protect him at all costs.

A kidnapping attempt exposes Astrid’s true purpose for existing, to destroy the Council. An unforeseen evil threatens to take everything Klaus holds dear, and it’s up to him and the warriors to protect Astrid.

                                                                       4.75 STARS 

I'm seriously loving this series, it's fun, sexy and exciting as hell it's an on the edge of my seat type of story that also adds an interesting twist to finding your mate storyline. Astrid became a favorite character of mine in the first book Mile's Awakening which I also loved, he's sweet & Innocent but a strong witch also, the crap he has gone through would have crippled a lesser man. And I loved how fierce Miles & Trevor are over protecting their family, makes me really want more.

Klaus at first I didn't really like to much but eventually he grew on me, especially after he realizes how much he loves Astrid. YAY he finally pulls his head outta his ass! And the sex scenes are HOT! I hope we get Trevor's story soon he may end up being my favorite he's very sarcastic we'd get along great. I recommend it's a great fun & exciting series can't wait to see where it's gonna go next.

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