Thursday, May 10, 2012

Facing Fitz (The Whole A-Z #3) by Kim Dare

Facing Fitz (The Whole A-Z, #3)
It took Harvey months to gradually work up the courage to let his friends set him up on a date with Fitz - a dominant he'd been admiring from afar ever since he set foot on the local kinky clubs. But, when their first scene ended in disaster before it even got started, he was very quick to retreat.

Forget going back to the club where he made a fool of himself. Harvey's determined never to leave the house again. Facing Fitz is out of the question.

Fitz, however, has other ideas. Intrigued by what he saw on that first date he's determined to do a real scene with Harvey. Dominant to the core, Fitz has no intention of walking away from a boy he's genuinely interested in without a fight.

Harvey is going to have to get over his embarrassment and face Fitz sooner or later and, with the help of a few friends, Fitz is determined he’ll do that tonight

                                                                       4.5 STARS 

I haven't read the previous stories in this series, but it didn't make a difference I didn't have any trouble following this story. Harvey really has some serious issues from panic attacks to claustrophobia, when his buddy makes him go to a charity fundraiser dressed as an Angel, he has no idea whats in store.

Fitz has wanted Harvey for his sub for awhile but everytime he gets near the little guy Harvey runs away. So his buddy has him dressed as a Devil at the same fundraiser, when he sees Harvey he makes up his mind he's gonna have the little guy for his own.

What made me really like this book was the way Fitz dealt with Harvey's issues and still this book was sexy as hell. The patience and care Fitz takes with Harvey made these two a believable sincere couple. I recommend 

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