Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Professor's Keeper (A Mind is a Sexy Thing) by Nicole Dennis

Professor's KeeperProfessor Alistair Tarrellton knows everything about algorithms but little about relationships. After ex-Marine Rhys Blackwood rescues him from a botched robbery and a panic attack, Alistair finds himself with a new keeper, but can he afford the distraction?

Child prodigy, scientist, and, professor Alistair Tarrellton knows research, not people. Hiding behind glasses and an overstated vocabulary, he faces panic attacks and headaches if situations become too uncomfortable. As head of the college's bioinformatics area of study, he teaches classes and runs two labs, but he prefers to hide in his private one at home.

A stop at the grocery store on his way home one night puts Alistair in the middle of a botched robbery. While a panic attack freezes him, he watches former Marine Rhys Blackwood take command with ease, and one touch from this powerful man pushes away Alistair's fear. Rhys quickly invites himself into Alistair's home and life, and while part of Alistair doesn't believe he can afford the distraction of a relationship, the rest of him wants the other man to never leave

                                                                          3.75 STARS 

I thought this story was adorable, I'm a geek fan at heart so this was a really cute, fun story. It did go a little fast but it's a short story so that kinda makes up for it. I liked the big bad ass Marine coming in to save the day like I said what a cute fun absolutely adorable story  I recommend.

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