Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Angel Kin (His Guardian Angels #3) by Jana Downs

Angel Kin (His Guardian Angels, #3)

Still reeling from the near-fatal car crash that rocked their world only a week previously, Madigan and his guardians are struggling to come to terms with the very real possibility of death that the hunters promise.

They team up with a fallen angel and his two lovers in order to make it to sanctuary and a place of safety so that all of them can recover from the mental and physical stress that this conflict with the hunters has caused. The newly formed family is threatening to fracture under the pressure, and it will take all of them together to come to a place where happily ever after is within their reach

                                                              4.5 STARS 

I believe this is the final book in this series, but i certainly wouldn't mind more. I have enjoyed this series more than I would have thought, the plot/action kept me on my toes throughout each book and they didn't just end on perfect notes either. My favorite is still book 2 but this one was just as fascinating, kept me wanting to see more.

The Guardians are Sexy, and hilarious add in Madigan who is just adorable and you get an extremely exciting story with in depth feelings. Watching them all trying to work together to make this a bond into a family especially Cross & Bren they are totally HOT! Mychel trying to get over his anger issues, Yuri being hurt and sulking, then we have Dex who is such a gentle giant, and Madi who just wants his lovers safe and happy. I found this story a wonderful take me away story.

I recommend  Warning: You may need a cold shower when reading this series I mean who doesn't want Sex with 5 Hot Sexy Angels (I'm so going to hell for reading this LOL)  I can't wait to read the next series by this author I already pre ordered Gladiator Games from bookstrand.com.

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