Saturday, May 19, 2012

Little Brat Lost (Friends to Lovers 0) by Stephani Hecht

Little Brat Lost (Friends to Lovers #04)
Jimmy doesn’t want to call attention to himself—he just wants to live a quiet life. Okay, maybe he was broken-hearted, homeless, destitute, and desperate, which led to turning tricks in order to survive. That doesn’t mean he’s the typical lost, neglected boy who’s in almost every gay movie and book… At least that’s what he keeps telling himself so he won’t have to face how bad his life really is.

Trent moved from his hometown and found success as a PI, but he still stays in touch with his close friends. So when one of them calls and asks for help tracking down his missing brother, Trent immediately agrees to take the case. He expects the job to be quick and easy, over in just a couple of days.

What Trent doesn’t count on is finding a sexy, smart-mouthed brat who refuses to cooperate. Sure, Jimmy may be hot as hell, but he also has the ability to drive Trent crazy. One thing Trent does know for certain is that he’s drawn to Jimmy in a way that could get both of them into trouble. Will Jimmy return his feelings, or is Trent going to return home with a broken heart?

                                                                   3.5 STARS 

I'm a huge Stephani Hecht fan and rarely will I read a book by her that I didn't like, this one  I didn't like so much. I think it just went too fast for me, I could have really gotten into it if I had more story. The plotline and character storylines were great I just needed more time to get to know these characters and why they make the decisions that they do.

I kinda get why Jimmy is in the situation but like I said I needed more, I do hope to read Adam's story. The chemistry between Trent & Jimmy if given more time could  have been awesome, but what we did get was good and I could see where it would have gone. I'm hoping like with alot of series that you get more info as you go. so I will recommend because I love Stephani Hecht's books and this one seems a rare off one to me.

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