Thursday, May 3, 2012

Travis Rhodes (Beyond the Marius Brothers #4) by Joyee Flynn

Travis Rhodes (Beyond the Marius Brothers, #4)
Travis Rhodes is proud to be a vampire warrior, but he realizes there’s something missing from his life… Namely, love. Travis is overjoyed when his mate turns up on his doorstep, falling right into his arms. He jumps hurdles to explain his world to the mate who found him, but Travis’s joy fades when he realizes there’s something wrong.

Emmett Loughlan has lived a pain-filled life, suffering abuse from his parents and then his pimp. He doesn’t believe someone could truly love him, but all that changes when he meets Travis, who brings out the fun and loving person he really is. When issues arise, his new happiness and hope for the future fade away.

Travis’s suspicions are soon confirmed, and they learn Emmett needs help that he can’t give. Will Travis be able to find someone to help Emmett, or will they be torn apart by circumstances beyond their control?

                                           4.75 STARS 

Everybody knows I'm a big fan of Ms. Flynn's book but this one takes the cake, I got so wrapped up with Emmett & Travis that I forgot I was baking and burnt my cake LOL. Yes I felt it was that good, it dealt with issues we haven't read in this series before, I don't know that it's even similar to any I've read before either.

I gotta say I was surprised enough to wonder if I would get my HEA, I know I'm a sucker for those that's probably why I love these stories. To know that love can and will conquer all is powerful to read at least for me it is. So after all the hell and I mean hell that poor Emmett has gone through to know that he just might not get his happy ever after was heart wrenching and yeah I cried like a baby, it's a very intense story but it's a good love story too. 

Plus we get some of our favorites to enhance this story, Riley has got to be my favorite character of all the Marius' series and spin-off's so I enjoyed catching up with him and the other brothers and their mates, I do have to say I wasn't expecting the twist and tie in to the Marius family it was a good surprise. I Loved it!
I recommend.

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