Thursday, May 17, 2012

Acrobat by Mary Calmes

Forty-five-year-old English professor Nathan Qells is very good at making people feel important. What he’s not very good at is sticking around afterward. He’s a nice guy; he just doesn’t feel things the way other people do. So even after all the time he’s spent taking care of Michael, the kid across the hall, he doesn’t realize that Michael’s mob muscle uncle and guardian, Andreo Fiore, has slowly been falling in love with him.

Dreo has bigger problems than getting Nate to see him as a potential partner. He’s raising his nephew, trying to leave his unsavory job, and starting his own business, a process made infinitely more difficult when a series of hits takes out some key underworld players. Still, Dreo is determined to build a life he can be proud of—a life with Nate as a cornerstone. A life that is starting to look like exactly what Nate has been looking for. Unfortunately for Dreo—and for Nate—the last hits were just part of a major reorganization, and Dreo’s obvious love for Nate has made him a target too.

                                                   5 STARS 

OMG! I LOVED THIS STORY...Yeah I got a little too excited but hey, this book is that Damn good! Ms. Calmes' stories always take me to places that teach me things or even better make me stop and think. When a good story can make me laugh, cry and I can't put it down it becomes a Great story Acrobat is such a story.

I loved this book so much I don't even know where to begin, Nate became a character I wanted to meet in real life most people never are that comfortable with themselves but he is. He made me think is there something nice I could do for someone today? He's very secure in his life, he's comfortable but he's missing love I had fun seeing him figure out if it would be Sean the doctor, Duncan the in the closet Detective or Dreo the muscle for the mob next door. 

I gotta say I enjoyed not only the love story part but also how close Nate is to his ex wife, her husband, his students, Michael and my favorite was his son Jared. I hope to be a parent that would always be there no matter what for my kids you know? I'm impressed with how well this story is written and the closeness that wraps you into this fun but loving family of sorts. I hope we get Duncan's story soon I'd like to see him get out of that closet. 

If you want a story that will entertain you and make you feel, this is it. I finished it on tuesday and I'm still thinking about it, now thats what I call a Great book this is one I will read over & over again.

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