Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunshine's Kiss (McCaffrey Men #1) by Stormy Glenn

Sunshine's Kiss (McCaffrey Men, #1)Sam Bishop is on the run and the safest place he can think of to hide is the ranch where he grew up. He just doesn't expect Jesse McCaffrey, the ranch owner, to be waiting for his return. The man is both angry that Sam left him five years ago and determined to make sure that Sam never leaves again.

But the danger that Sam is fleeing is right on his tail and Jesse will have to reveal his darkest secret in order to save Sam. Getting Sam to stay after that will take more determination than Jesse might have. A little luck wouldn't hurt either.

And if that doesn't' work, Jesse will just claim Sam as his Lycan mate and keep him anyway.

                                                  4.75 STARS 

Ok that's it Ms. Glenn now has me hooked on another series with just the first book ARG!!!! No now in all seriousness I LOVE Ms. Glenn's books mainly because Dammit she knows how to tell a story! Not many authors can get me so involved with just the first book, now I'm freaking out wondering when the next one will get here, soon I hope. I even liked the cover  but of course what girl wouldn't huh? I mean cowboy shifters WTH? I need to go take a cold shower so hang on.

Sam has got to be one of the most adorable characters I have ever read, I just loved him everything about him was just to cute. Even when he finds out that the man he's in love with is Lycan, which by the way when it happens is funnier than hell. His reactions were sincere but funny in a way. Jesse is just all Alpha and whats hotter than an Alpha Cowboy? Yeah thats what I said. The way he loves Sam is so sweet I like the sweet love stories with the intense twist to them, besides the sex is EXTREMELY HOT!! I didn't see any of the awesome twists that are involved that make this such an exciting edge of my seat love story, what an awesome twist to the mate/lycan storyline. AMAZING JOB Ms. Glenn!

I recommend because I was entertained and enlightened all at the same time.


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