Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Angelic Ties (His Guardian Angels #2) by Jana Downs

Angelic Ties (His Guardian Angels #2)
Madigan Parker thought accepting a relationship with his five guardian angels was difficult. He's learning that being in a relationship with all of them is more difficult as personalities clash. Bren still distrusts Cross, Yuri believes he's the odd man out, and Michel is just too nice to put his foot down with any of them. While Dex is the only one admitting to the mutual affection and attraction that is growing between them, Madigan has his hands full.

He wants to take back his life and reopen his business. But being a baker proves difficult as old enemies circle closer, and keeping his lovers safe proves to be a lot trickier than Madigan originally thought. Torn between the life he had and the new life awaiting him, he has to decide if staying in the town he calls home is worth the risk to his men and to his heart.

                                                 4.75 STARS 

I really like this series, and no it's not just because the sex is awesome although being the goofy perv that I am, I am not complaining ;)  I actually love the story line of this series, being a son of an archangel and getting 5 guardian angels that become your husbands, how hot is that! Of course you gotta add in the action & drama which is told in a very exciting way. It's not just a sweet love story there is conflicts, serious injuries, and lots of trying to adjust, I absolutely love this story.

Madigan is a half angel, son of archangel Raphael, has married his 5 guardian angels so that Madi will be safe from the hunters. So thats where this one picks up they are trying to get along which is a struggle in of its self. Cross & Bren wanna kill each other, Yuri feels like he's the odd man out, Michel is just trying to make everyone happy, & Dex is the only one who seems to be happy with the arrangement.  

I so hate to give too much away but I gotta say I liked this book even better than the first one, the conflicts between Cross & Bren are intense but you can see the love there too. Biggest surprise for me is Michel and how intense his love for them all becomes. And the ending Holy Shit! I did not see that coming but I really liked the...I'm looking for the right word so as to not give the surprise away...we'll say trip home.

 I laughed, cried & yes needed a cold shower, this book was that good.I Can't wait for the next one which is already pre-ordered I recommend you won't be disappointed.

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