Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Alpha's Pet by Shannon West

The Alpha's Pet
Nicky Anderson is living a normal, if hectic life as an artist and part time waiter in a large city, when he’s attacked by a mugger who slashes his throat. When he awakens, he’s naked, and surrounded by large, muscular men. Nicky feels an immediate attraction to Marco, the most handsome man Nicky has ever seen, which is strange, since Nicky is straight. His attraction is overwhelming and downright embarrassing as he licks the man and tries to climb all over him. He soon discovers he’s the newest “pet” of the Mountain Wolf Pack, and Marco is his new master. Saved from certain death, has he exchanged one horrible fate for another? All he knows is that he’s in heat for this beautiful man. When he learns his new master is a wolf shapeshifter who demands his love and obedience, he begins to wonder just what he’s gotten himself into.
                                                          3 STARS 

I liked the plot to this story but I didn't like the storyline does that make sense? Anyway the story could've been awesome, I had some issues with the pet having to give up their personality which is how I took this story. It was intense but a little depressing ok a lot depressing, I did feel that the accidental bitten, woke up to hot alpha werewolf and intense sex had potential as a story, but this obey me or else and the constant rules ruined this story for me. I wouldn't want my personality stripped away no matter how hot the guy was. The secondary characters didn't even attempt to make me like them, honestly most came across as jerks who only wanted a stepford wife. I'm not recommending sorry! 

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