Thursday, May 3, 2012

First You Fall (Kevin Connor Mystery #1) by Scott Sherman

First You Fall (Kevin Connor Mystery #1)
When his friend's death is ruled a suicide, Kevin Connor—a hustler by trade, sleuth by default—sets out to prove a case of murder. It doesn't help matters that the victim's grown children, who disapproved of their father's gay lifestyle, are only concerned about their inheritance. But they are not Kevin's only problem. His high-strung mother has moved in with him—and she knows nothing about his questionable . . . job.

                                    5 STARS 

I have had this story on my kindle for awhile, and I can't believe I waited this long to read  it. This is a wonderful brilliantly written story that has me buying the next book, and pre-ordering the third one, not only is this a crime drama, it's freckin' hilarious, it also had me in tears a time or two. 

I fell in love with Kevin right off the bat, yeah I know he's a hustler but once you start reading you just can't help your self. His mom moving in was just soo funny and the reason for it had me LMAO.
But the seriousness of suicide/murder was intense, and eerily real in it's material, because of the issues it deals with I could happen.

Tony almost made me not like him, took him long enough to pull his head outta his ass, Freddy is a character I could see that was fun and great best friend material his take on everything was awesome.
Marc I love geeky guys he's such a vital player in this mystery plus he's so sweet too. I can't leave out Romeo I want my own construction worker whose romantic enough to climb a fire escape just to give me his number.

I recommend this one, I love a book that makes me laugh and this one did, even with the seriousness of the crime and getting your heart broken the family drama and best friend lightened it enough that I can't wait to read the next one Second you Sin.

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