Monday, May 7, 2012

Simply Perfect (Lady Blue Crew #8) by Lynn Hagen & Stormy Glenn

Simply Perfect (Lady Blue Crew, #8)
General Vedic Merrick is being hunted. Someone wants him dead. Being kidnapped by the crew of the Lady Blue actually saves his life. But once on board the outlawed spaceship, the rigid life Merrick knew before fades into the background, especially when he discovers his mate on board.

Shane Miller is excited to be in outer space. Saved from certain death by his brother and then flown through a wormhole to the future, he has every intention of living his life to the fullest. That includes claiming the sexy general that fights so hard to keep his distance. But Shane is determined to make the general see him as someone special.

General Merrick has his reasons for not claiming his mate, the least of which is the Elite Force, which is still chasing them through space. But the general has a secret that could kill not only him but Shane as well. Only by denying his mate does he have a chance of keeping the man safe.

When circumstances beyond his control rip Merrick's choices away from him, he has to enlist the aid of the Lady Blue crew to keep his mate alive and gamble on the craziest scheme he can think of to save not only Shane, but everyone they care for.

                                          5 STARS 

I gotta say as a final book to a series this one is true to it's name and "Simply Perfect" I got all my questions answered and a really sweet love story all wrapped up in one awesome story. The collaboration of two of my top favorite authors Lynn Hagen & Stormy Glenn, is not only a joy for me but these two took me on a journey that I will not soon forget, Kudos to you both for this incredibly funny, sexy and exciting series.

Shane we met in a previous story was supposed to die on earth, but his brother & the Lady Blue Crew find a way to save him. He's fascinated with the new worlds surrounding him, then the General comes aboard and it's love at first sight, or at least lust at first sight.

Merrick the general has his own secrets to keep hidden, but one sniff of Shane and he knows his mate is on board the lady blue. He really does his best to stay away but fate steps in the way. Add in my favorite couple of Remy & Gigi (hehe get it Gigi) ok sorry but add in them and some serious drama and you get an absolute Awesome series finale.

I recommend! This entire series is a really good keep you on your toes, asking WTH? sexy, funny group of stories that I know I will re read again & again. And if by chance Ms. Glenn or Ms. Hagen read this I personally would love to read another series by you two you both entertain me and it's a joy to read your books. 

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