Sunday, May 6, 2012

Touch Like Breathing (After Anna #2) by Theda Black

Touch Like Breathing (After Anna, #2)
Facing life and death situations as cops shouldn't be easier than facing each other--should it? Will and Tyler lost each other after Anna's death, but they're determined to save their friendship and partnership on the force after it's over. Good thing they're determined--it's going to take everything they've got as the pressure mounts and denial, anger and pain drives one of them to do something he'll never forgive himself for. Luckily his best friend has enough forgiveness for both of them--at least until he disappears, leaving behind a grieving partner who'll do absolutely anything to save him. Will it be enough, or is everything they've been to each other lost forever?

                                                      2.5 STARS 

This book I bought because it was a sequel to After Anna (my OCD kicked in) which I got on amazon's free list. I gotta say both books were a little too dark & depressing for me the first one was alittle better than this one, but they go down some really dark avenues that I didn't really like. And they never really resolve them it just keeps going down the same path over and over again. I gotta say I won't recommend, this series was just to dark for me after I finished reading it I didn't like the way it left me feeling, sorry I didn't like this one.

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