Monday, May 14, 2012

For the Rest of Eternity (Christian's Coven #5) by Lynn Hagen

For the Rest of Eternity (Christian's Coven, #5)
Jacob was devastated when the doctor diagnosed him with a rare blood disorder. Deciding to make the best of what time he has left, Jacob casts all caution aside and pursues the one man he had been warned away from…Shelby.

Shelby smells the sickness on Jacob, his mate. After finding out that Jacob didn’t have much longer to live, he begs the prince to convert the human, but Christian refuses. He tells Shelby that the choice is up to Jacob and Jacob alone.

When Shelby is attacked by a pair of rogue vampires, Jacob learns the people in this world are not just human. He can live with that. But what he can’t live with is the fact that he is too weak to defend the man he is quickly falling in love with.

Time is running out and Shelby isn’t sure he can convince his mate to be converted. When Jacob collapses right before Shelby's eyes, Shelby realizes just how close he is to losing the one man fate has given him to love for the rest of eternity.

                                                            4.75 STARS 

Okay, I know I'm a fangirl but I gotta say this is my favorite in Christians Coven series so far, Shelby has always been my favorite "little vampire" and in this story you can tell why. Shelby meets his human mate Jacob who happens to be seriously sick with a rare blood disease. You  would think once they mate that Jacob would get better, so imagine my surprise when that doesn't happen, the story takes on a whole different plot line then what I had been expecting in a good way too. 

Shelby doesn't want to lose his mate to death, but has to face reality
when he wants to fight it, his reactions and how he deals with this is why I love his character, he may be small but he has an inner strength that we finally get to see. Jacob has to learn that sometimes you need put someone else' needs before your own pride. Which took some serious heart to heart talks, not only with Shelby his mate but also Christian, I loved that we get more Christian in this book. We also get more to our ongoing mystery and new secondary characters.

Of course I recommend, if you haven't read it you need too, I have laughed, cried, and just plain been entertained so I will keep reading this Awesome series.

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