Sunday, May 20, 2012

Switching Payne by Amber Kell

Switching Payne
Payne's horrible past has always been a barrier in his relationship with his lover Braxton. When they encounter Flame, a metal artist, they think they might have found a solution to their problems. However, the path to love is never smooth and three men prove harder to balance than two.

Flame doesn't know if he's ready to be part of a trio. Brax and Payne are madly in love and he would rather be alone than a third wheel. However, two determined men have decided to make Flame a part of their family and the combined power of men in love can't be denied...even when death knocks at the door

                                                                  4 STARS 

This is the first Amber Kell book that I didn't absolutely love right off the bat, of course this book dealt with far more serious issues than most of her previous books that I've read. And it kinda missed her famous sarcasm that I love so much, I still really liked this story though. We do get to know each individual character and the realism in their fears of starting a menage' relationship. I loved how intense & serious Brax' love for Payne is and how he will do anything to make him happy. Payne even with his very serious intense issues loves Brax just as intense. They meet Flame and both decide they want to keep him as their third, Flame also has his own insecurities over becoming a Menage' relationship. But they decide to try like I said it's a more serious book than  previous ones I have read I will still recommend because you can not help but love an Amber Kell book. This one just captures you right up into the story where you just want so much for Brax, Payne & Flame to have the Happy Ever After that they deserve.

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