Sunday, May 27, 2012

Maverick Danker (Beyond the Marius Brothers #5) by Joyee Flynn

Maverick Danker (Beyond the Marius Brothers, #5)
Maverick Danker’s been on the job for too long. Now that he has just celebrated his two thousandth birthday, he worries he may never find the mates he deserves after having spent his whole life serving others.

Tyler Gilroy, a werewolf who’s been beaten, tortured, and used, has long since given up hope of finding a mate. He’s sickened with himself for being willing to accept any sort of affection to feel wanted, but the alternative is too bleak to contemplate.

Asterio has never left the fae plane before. When he enters Earth, he must learn a new way of living, adjust to having two mates, and face his insecurities after a few hundred years’ dry spell.

Will Mav, Tyler, and Asterio fight to overcome the obstacles on their road to love? Or will they each choose the path of least resistance—and ultimately end up alone?

                                                                           4 STARS

I will say this was not my favorite book in this wonderful series, but it's not a bad book either, it just didn't work with me. The issues in this one through me little, but I got where each individual character comes from and why they act the way they do. Though I gotta say Tyler was my fav in this one I really got Maverick too, didn't get Asterio as much but I liked the way they had to work at being mates and when they messed up it takes a while to fix their screwups, and it's not instant happiness. I felt these guys had to do some major work to make this Menage' work. Now saying that the Sex scenes are off the chart Scorching!!!! I still recommend cause this is an awesome spin-off series and I love Ms. Flynn's books.

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