Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Billionaire's Boyfriend (MM) Everyday Romances 1 by Christine Shaw

After being jobless for months, Joshua Fort finally finds himself interviewing for the position of assistant to Adlib's CEO, Jack Liberty. Joshua is gay, and boy, does he know when he finds a sexy man in Jack. The only problem is Jack is straight—or is he?
Jack is a man who has always gone after what he wants when he wants it. Now he sees someone he desires more than any other, but he can't have him.
When a trip to New York comes up for the two, Jack must put his ego aside and allow Joshua to help him out of what could be a financially ruining situation for Adlib.
Joshua’s feelings for Jack begin to eat away at him until one amazing day. Will their new relationship work out, or is it doomed to end before it even begins?
Will the billionaire ever have a boyfriend?

                                                              4 STARS 

The Billionaire's Boyfriend was a really cute book that I really liked, it was a little sappy but I kinda enjoyed that. it goes a little fast and we don't get as much character info that I would have liked at least not till the end but like I said it's a cute, sweet story that has some really hot sex scenes in it. (Yeah I'm not complaining) As a make yourself into something to be proud of story this one works well for me. I recommend

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