Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Frankie's Vamp by Toni Griffin

Frankie's Vamp
Merrick Withers is growing bored with life, after living for over five centuries, he’s tired of the same type of men throwing themselves at him for either the chance to be in his bed or donate their blood. His coven is secure, not having had a challenge in more than fifty years.

Frankie Reynolds doesn’t give a damn who you are, you hit him once and he’s out the door never to return, he just wishes his ex would get the message. After one night at Hot Encounters night club he now has both an ex and a master vampire who don’t want to leave him alone. He doesn’t mind the vampire so much, but the ex he could do without.

Merrick’s life is anything but boring now as he tries to convince Frankie they’re mates. Meanwhile rogue vampires have been spotted around town, is his coven really as secure as he assumed?

                                                     5 STARS 

I loved this story, I know, I gotta a thing for Sexy Vamps what can I say? Merrick is a Master vampire who owns a nightclub called Hot Encounters, he's bored after five hundred years until one night he's finds his mate dancing on the club floor.

Frankie who is finally enjoying a fun night out after dumping his abusive boyfriend, who can't seem to let go when he happens upon the hottest man he's ever seen. When Merrick tries to court Frankie, Frankie shows him he's no pushover to the Master vamp's domineering ways. So Merrick decides to hiring the young architect to expand his club, Frankie just can't say no.I thought the dating was such a cute way to get to know each character. What an adorable and fun story with enough drama to make me want another I truly enjoyed this book. Kudos to Ms. Griffin I can't wait for more from you. I recommend.

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