Friday, May 11, 2012

Tailor Made by James Brock

Escaping life on a farm, sexy Wyatt Taylor runs to the nearest city after college where he finds and loses both love and employment. Down but not out, the handsome young man rebounds by landing the coveted position as assistant to powerful Portland, Oregon, business tycoon, William Bowen. Cold and precise, the mogul has a rarified life of privilege that leaves no room for error.

Thrust into a world of jet set travel and caviar, Wyatt is given little direction about his new career and is fitted with a designer wardrobe. Clothes may not make the man, but Wyatt loves the beautifully tailored suits, wearing them like modern armor without realizing a connection between the way he looks in his new work “uniform” and Bowen’s clients.

Aside from being handsome, William Bowen has everything: an estate, private plane, and clients worldwide. Only his taste in men is questionable. His astoundingly poor judgment in that area confuses everyone around him, including his flippant, funny, and in-charge property manager who befriends Wyatt but has his own reason for not telling all of the secrets of Bowen Industries.

A sudden change in Wyatt’s personal life while on a business trip is followed by a bonding night for Wyatt and William Bowen, the long simmering feelings Wyatt has held toward the boss since the day of his interview nearing a boiling point. Wyatt is still blissfully unaware of his true role in the operation of Bowen Industries, however.

Can two men from opposite sides of the tracks find a level field for a relationship, or will the truth behind the fa├žades keep them apart?

                                                                 4.75 STARS 

I Loved this book, I know it's not like my usual favorite books but there was just something about this story that I fell in love with.

Wyatt gets this dream job, but not is all that it seems to be so not only does he have penchant for getting into trouble and he wasn't the easiest character to love I found myself all wrapped up in his story. Bowen on the other hand most of the time I wanted to kick his ass at least till he pulls his head outta it. One thing we are taught in this book is people will do alot of things they never thought they would for money. I won't say this is a love story it's more about Wyatt and the decisions good and bad that he makes plus the rewards and consequences that come from said decisions.

I recommend I really liked Mr. Brock's writing style and the layout of this story.

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