Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awakenings by Scarlet Hyacinth

Mermen twins Jaden and Chrys have been scorned all their lives by Atlantean society. The only one who cares about them is Prince Aurus. But when Aurus and Chrys fall in love, they leave Jaden an outsider. Secretly, Jaden wants his twin, but he keeps his sinful affection well hidden. After they are separated from Aurus, he is the only one who can comfort Chrys, even if only in a brotherly manner.

When the Atlantean king concocts a plan to hurt them, Jaden and Chrys run away, and their paths cross with Aurus's again. This time, though, a strange force interferes in their lives. A dark, powerful beast that lives in the depths of the ocean calls out to Jaden, luring him toward its lair. With Jaden in danger of disappearing forever, Chrys and Aurus are faced with a choice, a realization, and a decision. Will mysterious Vaar finally help the three mermen see the truth, or will he end their very existences?
                                         5 STARS 

 Now I may get picked on for this one because there is twincest in this one but i don't care i loved this book. The storyline is so like nothing i have read before that my heart went out to the twin mermen Jaden & Chrys. I wanted to wrap them up and hug them. Yet they had very different personalities which set them apart, so you get to know they're characters, then throw in Prince Aurus and it gets interesting, the only thing i didn't like was i thought Aurus should have been looking for them before now but anyway, Then we add in Vaar who holy hell screams Alpha and we get such an intriguing story that I enjoyed immensely. The sex is HOT! and even the twincest didn't feel weird or creepy. I was actually rooting for them to be together. I think this book is a definite recommend.

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