Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cowboy Up by Stormy Glenn (Blaecleah Brothers 5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M, HEA]
Ruben is now a fully fledged Blaecleah, adopted by Ma and Da, and he loves living out at the ranch. But it's not enough to keep him home when he loses his heart to Elijah James, the family's attorney, and a man too afraid to come out of the closet to claim him.
After traveling the world for three years, Ruben is finally ready to return home, but he's not coming back alone. Widowed and the father of a small baby, Ruben hopes that he has grown up enough for Elijah James to take interest in him because this time, he's playing for keeps.
Elijah James wanted Ruben since the moment he met the man, but the anguish of losing someone he loves still has a hold of Elijah and he's not ready to put his heart, or the fact that he loves men, on the line for everyone to see. He learned the hard way to keep his desires to himself.
When the past comes back to tear the Blaecleah family apart, will his love for Ruben be enough to pull Elijah from the closet, or will he be too scared of losing again to cowboy up?
                               4.5 STARS 

Cowboy Up is the 5th book in the Blaecleah Brothers series, and I liked it. The struggle between knowing what you want and being to afraid of getting it, is brought through in this book in a great way. Of course Hot! sex always is a plus for me (yeah i know perv here) anyway add some really intense drama on both sides and you get an awesome story.

Ruben we meet in earlier books but in this one he's all grown up and coming home with his daughter Alani, we do find out how she came about since he's gay. Anyway as he gets home it seems his past comes back to try to destroy everything good he has now.

Elijah took me awhile to like, I mean I get why he's the way he is and he does redeem himself but it takes me awhile to not want to smack him upside the head. And he does really love Ruben so he eventually gets his act together, I liked the way his past comes out and I liked the way the next book is looking to start. I would definitely recommend this book, but i think you'd like this series even more.

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