Sunday, March 18, 2012

Battle Buddy by SJD Peterson

Battle Buddy
Army boot camp can push an individual to their limits, both physically as well as mentally. However, for those who pursue the coveted black and gold medal of an Army Ranger, boot camp is a walk in the park compared to the harrowing ordeals experienced during this elite training. It is by far, the toughest and most demanding and by the end, the trainees are left exhausted and emaciated.

For Shane Tucker, a young man with a secret, trying to escape life in a small town, boot camp and Ranger school was the easy part. Being constantly paired up with the gorgeous and cocky Owen Bradford, who had no concept of personal space, was hell on earth.

                                              4.25 STARS

This my first book by SJD Peterson and it won't be the last, I enjoyed this book of course the sex was major HOT! but i liked the storyline too. I hate DADT I'm so glad it's been repealed cuz everybody should be able to live their lives without fear and recriminations. 

Tuck joins the army to get away from small town stifling and bible thumping parents, he does the usual fighting against being gay. Then he meets Owen and struggles with his desire for years.

Owen on the other hand is determined that Tuck is like him and wants him bad, so he sets out to make Tuck admit it.

The story takes us on that ride, it was a really good story and I recommend it.

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