Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fire & Fang by Eden Cole

Fire and Fang
Brody arrived at the yearly meeting to discover the Draken council requires him to mate immediately. They've decided that he will be the first of the dragon shifters to mate with a male because of their dwindling numbers and few women. Only when a Draken mates can he shift into a powerful dragon. As if that wasn't bad enough, they've not only selected one man but two for him to mate with. Brody can't believe this is happening to him when the two men who bullied him as kids walk into the council chambers.

Parker's kiss, and Jax's touch send Brody running from the only home he's ever known, to cross into the human lands. He meets Matt on the way, a man he thinks is human. Matt is everything that his dragon mates are not. He's gentle and loving, and Brody learns to accept the feelings he's always had. When he doesn't shift to a dragon being with Matt, Brody thinks they can live happily together away from his homeland. But Parker and Jax will not give up on the man they have wanted for so long, even if it means hiring a werewolf to track him.

                                                               3 STARS 

If you want a fun, extremely HOT sex scenes but not alot of drama or major storyline this is your book. It was a fun (and as my hubby says smutty) book you will enjoy this one  I did.  We have Brody and as far as I can tell he's kinda a twink, then you have two best friends who both want him, and plan on sharing WTF? Anyway he freaks out and runs Yeah thats probably what I would have done too( Ok my hubby says thats a lie which is probably true ) but still Brody freaks and runs away he stumbles onto Matt and seems to fall in love very quick. They all eventually run into each other and thats where the fun begins.

Now I kinda like this book, it's not alot of serious story but the sex is extremely HOT and it's a fun short happy story, and I enjoy those sometimes. So yeah I would recommend this book.

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