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Vaughn's Vampire Hunter by Lynn Hagen (Christian's Coven 4)

Vaughn's Vampire Hunter (Christian's Coven, #4)
Vaughn lives a carefree life inside the coven and has been known to get kicked out of a place or two for his wild ways. When he spots a man standing in the middle of the club looking lost, Vaughn decides to help the man out, only to realize the innocent farm boy is his mate.

Connor came to the city six months ago. Finding a job was impossible and sleeping in shelters was his only option. When he visits Then Manacle for a hot meal that Jersey had promised him, he stumbles into a world of dark pleasures and sinful delights.

But when Connor discovers vampires truly exist, he freaks out, trying to stake Vaughn in his heart. Can Vaughn convince Connor that vampires aren’t blood thirsty savages and can Vaughn save Connor from the real vampire hunters that are out there?

                                                   4.25 STARS

I gotta say this book cracked me up. I love that in a book, when even if it's got some serious plot to it that it can still bring me comic relief. Of course this being a Lynn Hagen book I loved it, that being said it is a really good book, I like meeting all the secondary characters and the flow of this series which Ms. Hagen is a master at. I love all her series' and have thoroughly enjoyed each one so far.

Vaughn is a bouncer at a BDSM vampire club The Manacle, he see's his mate come into the club for a free meal and the story takes off from there. It's not smooth sailing by any means, they have lots of obstacles in the way. Like some of Vaughn's non vampire friends not knowing he was gay, and the trouble that that causes.

Conner on the other hand is an adorable, clueless farm boy, that got kicked out of his house because he was gay. He's homeless and in the previous book meets Jersey who gives him a card, and tells him to come by for a free meal, he's alone and doesn't know what to do. Fate brings him Vaughn.  

I loved this story the funniest stuff comes from the things that get read from the internet about Vampire hunting hence the title. Its a fun enjoyable book I recommend it. also this series is great you should read it also.

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