Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alaska, With Love by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Alaska, With Love
Josh Montgomery is a red-blooded American male that loves his job and loves women even more. Part of an elite team run by General Derek Jacobs, Josh and his fellow assassins take pride in their jobs. When one Assassin gig turns into a rescue mission on the side, Josh's life is turned upside down by the man he rescues. Now, he has to take a good long look at who he really is.

With the help from his friends Mateo, Riley and Troy, Josh tries to understand what he's feeling.

Mark Patterson joined Doctor's without Borders to do good in a foreign country. Little did he know a maniacal drug lord would kidnap him and use him to deal drugs, among other things.... Without any hope of rescue, Mark resigns himself to his prison. Until early one morning when he's rescued by a blonde God. Josh Montgomery is tall, light and beautiful....and straight.

Being in close quarters only makes things harder on both men, will Mark get his man? Will Josh take a chance.... In the wilds of Denali Forest the two men come together, but is it for good? Or will Mark's past drive them apart? 

                                     4.75 STARS 

Now this is the second book I've read from this author, I'm not sure if this is a series but I gotta say I love it. I'm usually not a fan of hurried romances but the way this author writes them I don't seem to care I love it. We get Josh who we meet in the first book with Mateo & Riley so we get the picture that he's a woman hopping butch guy whose a government assassin. While on a mission he sees a beautiful man being seriously abused, and his emotions go nuts after saving Mark from his torturers he can't seem to get Mark out of his mind. Josh wants Mark and after he decides that he doesn't care who knows he's gay. I liked this about this story I just did, it's such a sweet, enjoyable story that I feel in love with it. Throw in some drama, some majorly HOT! sex and a interest wolf (which I just bought his story also) and you will love this story also. Very recommended.

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