Monday, March 19, 2012

The Soldier & the State Trooper by Cherie Noel

The Soldier & the State Trooper (The Soldier and..., #1)
Career soldier Christie Collins figured out early that love could be lost in the blink of an eye, leaving an empty place that was just another pothole on life’s rocky road. The detours of sudden single fatherhood and a nosy best friend who won’t let even death stop her from interfering in every date leave Christie convinced that finding a partner is next to impossible.
State Trooper Robert Lindstrom catches Christie speeding along the stretch of highway he patrols and a routine traffic stop turns into love lights flashing and instant attraction for these two men in uniform. It looks like smooth sailing to their happily ever after until an unexpected deployment sends Christie into danger. Can their love survive both bombs and the betrayal of Christie by his closest comrade in arms?

                                                  3 STARS

This is my first book by this author, and I had mixed feelings about it. Where I liked the premise of the story, the psychic stuff, didn't work for me in this book. We get a single dad soldier who meets a state trooper after being pulled over I loved that, but then we add in the soldier can hear his dead best friend, and the state troopers wiccan family WTF?

Christie (which is such a weird name for a guy, why not go with chris?) is a soldier who is out, he has a daughter with his best friend whom gets killed with her partner, by a drunk driver. He's struggling with being a full time dad and a soldier when he gets a speeding ticket. Now if the story had continued from there I think i would have loved it, but you add in Caro who Christie talks to even though she's dead, I could have handled that really, but then he gets deployed and crazy stuff happens, he's engaged, he's almost blown up, he makes out with his "straight" best friend, feels guilty and almost loses everything. But we lose the story in how they adapt to being parents together we don't get that at all. The sex is hot but there's so much that they need to work through, that the story feel flat for me.

Robert whose a state Trooper falls in love at first sight HUH? I mean he gives the guy a ticket and he knows that he's the one, we never get the story of how Christie became a dad or why after only six months he takes over care of Christie's daughter, and all the paperwork just seems done. Then we get some of how hard it is being a single dad. I still don't get what all was up with Robert's family? 

This book didn't work for me, it started with a great storyline but lost it in the drama, that ensued.
it's an okay story it just didn't do it for me.

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