Thursday, March 8, 2012

Where There's Smoke by L.A. Witt

Anthony Hunter wonders what the hell he’s gotten himself into when he agrees to manage an unproven candidate’s campaign for governor of California. As soon as he meets the gorgeous, charismatic—and married—politician, attraction gives Anthony’s rock-solid professionalism a run for its money, and Anthony knows he’s in way over his head.

Jesse Cameron doesn’t like the idea of putting himself out there as a happily married, wholesome candidate, but his retired senator uncle insists it’ll give him an edge over a challenging rival. The only problem is that Jesse’s marriage is over, existing only to maintain his heterosexual façade. Oh, and there’s that minor detail about his undeniable attraction to his smoking hot campaign manager. Or the fact that the attraction is very, very mutual.

Before long, temptation explodes into a sizzling, secret relationship, but under the microscope of the media and the relentless scrutiny of the voting public, Anthony and Jesse can only keep their secret for so long. And this is one scandal a campaign won’t survive...

                                                                     5 STARS 

Only L.A. Witt can make politics sexy, I mean this woman is freakin' brillant. I had actually put off reading this one because i read a review that said the whole thing was a crying book, and i hate to cry alot. But i could kick my own ass for waiting. This book is AWESOME!!! I did cry some but nowhere near what i had read in that review.

Just saying as a blogger who likes to review books it's only our opinion, and there could be so many factors involved, i mean like what kind of mood were in that day so if you have a favorite author don't let anyone sway you go with your gut. I haven't read an LA Witt book yet that I didn't fall head over heels in love with, so why did i doubt? who knows but anyway back to Where there's Smoke

I LOVED this book, plain and simple, the sex is HOT! of course but there's so much story in it, some drama, alittle crying,but laughter and love, and passion. Jesse is so sweet even if he's a politician, his concern over Simone and how it hurts him that he's hurting her is intense but so sincere. And he's really a good sincere politician(if thats even possible). And Ranya his PA and bff is awesome i could be best friends with her, her comic relief keeps everything from being too intense.

Anthony just plain sounds incredibly hot! I'm not a fan of smoking but Damn! Anthony makes it sound hot, the clicking of the lighter even gave me chills....Also the fact that both of them really truly didn't want to hurt anybody, they just fell in love. I also liked the fact that Ms. Witt didn't make the wife Simone into a terrible character, instead she was someone i actually really liked. If for some ungodly reason you haven't read this book yet don't wait any longer Where There's Smoke is an incredible read and I highly recommend you get this one.

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