Monday, March 19, 2012

Ravyn's Blood by Jana Downs (Ravyn Warriors 1)

Ravyn's Blood (Ravyn War­riors #1)
Dageus is a demon warrior sworn to protect his Prince even if it means sacrificing his past. Even without his memories, ice blue eyes and hard male touches haunt his fantasies. Despite his disturbing desires, Dageus has more important things to worry about when his prince and fellow warriors travel from Demontia to Earth to escape the assassins hot on their trail.

After years of searching for his lost lover, Kalel, Master Vampire Alexander never expects to find him walking through the doors of his theater. But Kalel is no longer the same young dancer Alex remembers. Kalel is now a Ravyn warrior with a new name and no memory of their love.

When Dageus finds himself face-to-face with the man of his dreams, he can no longer deny the desires that have driven him in the years since becoming a Ravyn. He must learn to balance love and duty in order to find happiness in a world full of killers, vampires, and dances that are hot enough to scorch the sun.

                                                    3.5 STARS

This is another first book by this author for me, and I have to admit I liked it a little bit more than the last book I read. The first book in any series I think has to be the hardest cause you need to establish your world, lay out your characters and the storyline. I believe Ms. Downs did that well. The only major thing I didn't like with this story was that Dageus and Kalel were the same person, it confused the story some.

Dageus (Kalel) was a human who fell in love with a Master Vampire, but was kidnapped by demon slavers and sold as a sex slave. I liked the beginning and how we learn that Dageus is Kalel and his determination to get back to Alex even after six years he's still trying. He fights to the death with 50 other guys to get the chance at a portal to take him back to Alex. But once he wins (here's where I got lost) he ends up a Ravyn the Prince of Demontia's guards. And his memory's are erased, yet he still dreams of Alex just doesn't know why. I didn't like that he pretended to be straight but oh well.

Alex on the other hand is a Master Vampire in Haven Minnesota He fell in love with a dancer Kalel. And decides to have him as his Bride (same thing as a shifter mate). The only problem I had with Alex was did he search at all for Kalel, we don't get his struggle so it feels kinda empty. Anyway things happen and the Ravyn's are on earth and Dageus and Alex meet and Damn the chemistry is Hot!. We also get a good amount of secondary characters and where their story may go. 

I will definitely buy the second story to this series and see where it goes. I would recommend this book for a first one it was good.

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  1. Thanks for the reviews, Gigi. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the Ravyns. I've been in the cave for a bit so I haven't been around much. Again, thank you for the kind words and I wish you a a wonderful week.