Friday, March 30, 2012

His Imperfect Mate by Lynn Hagen (Brac Pack #26)

His Imperfect Mate (Brac Pack, #26)
Dudley has been taught that shifters are savage beasts that will sooner tear out a vampire’s throat then mate them. He was also taught that shifters would rather let vampires starve than feed them. When he discovers his father has lied to him his whole life, Dudley starts chasing after his mate.

Sloane Brac has been very patient with Dudley, coaxing the vampire gently into their mating—until Dudley calls a hit down on his head. He feels he can never forgive the man, but then Dudley shows up at his newly purchased home in a panic.

Sloane forgives his vampire and tries to start a new life with him, but Dudley's brothers show up to finish what they started…or so he thinks. Can Sloane convince Dudley that their mating is something sacred to him, or will Dudley run in the other direction when his father comes to exact his revenge against the wolf for claiming his son?

                                                           4.75 STARS 

A friend of a friend had the nerve to tell me that she didn't like to read this series because she couldn't keep up with who was who in them. My answer to her was WTF? I love this series and the spinoffs also, each story is individual and unique in some way. How in the world can you not tell whose with whom. I personally like to be entertained and thats what Ms. Hagen's stories do for me, they make me laugh, cry, or bite my nails and thats what I want, I don't want extreme drama where I cry for the entire book I live in the real world I get enough drama in my own family, don't want it in my relaxation which is reading. I want to be transformed to another place where something wonderful and magical can happen. So I told Ms friend of a friend to eff off witha smile  and a wave.

Now back to this book of course I loved it, Dudley better known as D is a cute little clueless vampire that I swear is exactly like me on coffee LOL. He finds that his mate is Sloane a wolf that has his own attitude, D was raised to think all shifters were viscous and killers so he makes some pretty silly mistakes once they get start to try and make it work, throw in a burnt cake, some secondary characters and some rats that wanna take over their house and you get a fun story.

I recommend it, but i think this whole series is awesome! I LOVE IT.

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  1. I 100% agree. It was marvelous, coolest, mischievous, and adventures as well.

    sex? How very creative...(snicker)makes me wonder if i also have a mate, that would made me giggles like teen.