Saturday, March 10, 2012

Memphis by Lynn Hagen (Zeus Pack #8)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting ManLove: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, HEA]
Romano Tiziano thought owning a landscaping company was better than the bodyguard work he used to do, but who knew shrubbery and lawn care would have him on the run? After witnessing a prominent lawyer being killed, Romano thinks that Pride Pack Valley is the safest place to run.
Memphis thinks that he can handle anything after being under Jackson’s thumb…until he meets Romano. The man is arrogant, stubborn, and Memphis is going insane trying to deal with the man. And to top that, his other mate, Tabby, can’t seem to stay out of the tavern.
Tabby has landed in jail twice now for DUI. And he wasn’t even behind the wheel! After his second arrest, he finds one tall and dark stranger trying to bail him out…and take him home.
Can the three get their act together long enough to claim one another, or will their differences and blinding ways make them part company?
                                 4.75 STARS 

I know I'm a little baised about Ms. Hagen's books I'm a huge fan. But damn this lady knows how to entertain me, and she has succeeded again with Memphis the 8th book in the Zeus Pack series. It has hot sex, drama, and laughter all rolled in one entertaining can't put down story. 

Starting with Memphis if you've read the series you get his reasons for being always in control and in charge. so he comes across as kinda an ass, but once the story gets going you realize why he acts that way. Besides how can you complain about 2 HOT!  in charge men fighting for dominance, when they're both attracted to each other...needs cold shower...throw in Tabby the adorable twink and I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

Tabby the cute blonde human who everybody thinks is the town drunk, comes to find out he's not. But there in lies part of the storyline, He meets Romano first and doesn't know why but decides to have hot!!! truck sex with him the first time they meet, without learning each others names.

Then we have Romano who use to be a bodyguard but started his own landscaping company. Who witnesses a murder and goes on the run to escape the murders after him now, he gets to Pride Pack town and runs first into Tabby then meets Memphis and thats where the fun begins. Now I can't wait to read Rave's story who we meet in this one It sounds as if it'll be another HOT one. You gotta read this series it's too good to miss!!!

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