Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rebel Angel by Kelly Conrad

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, angels, demons, HEA]
During an uprising against Satan, a fallen angel escapes Hell, dives into a vortex, and hurtles toward earth. Now disguised as a mortal man, he meets a handsome jack-of-all-trades, Phenex Webber. Although he tries to resist him, he finds himself watching Phenex and wanting him sexually. He doesn’t know that in reality Phenex is X-Tilla, the most feared of Satan’s assassins, sent all the way from Hell to kill him.
One day, the two of them succumb to the attraction between them and wind up in bed. Knowing Satan will be after them, they look for a place to hide. It’s then that Phenex accidentally stumbles upon the mysterious world of bright colors, costumes, and weird makeup—a world they call Burlesque. Will this world provide the hiding place they’re looking for, or will Satan win this victory when he sends in a secret weapon—from out of the grave?
A Siren Erotic Romance
                                             2 STARS
Very, very rarely will I ever find a book that I just flat out can't find anything that i even like at all in it. This is one of them, I'm sorry I just could not get into this book, there was just too much going on and the storyline went all over the place. I tried, I really did there was just nothing that made me like this one.

 The main characters Adamas jumps through a vortex from Hell to Earth and becomes Adam, We don't get anything of his struggle from being a fallen Angel to a Human, one minute he jumps thru and the next it's six months later and he owns his own restuarant WTF? I mean how did he adjust and learn about human stuff, where did he get his back ground. I mean come on give me something here. Then he meets Phenex and it's love at first sight or at least lust.

Now X-Tilla is Satan's assassin who is chasing Adamas and follows him through the vortex, becomes Phenex we actually find out more about his struggle to adapt to Earth. But same thing we jump into being hired as a maintenance man in apartments where Adam lives, does none require certification in this Earth again I go the WTF? Then he falls for Adam and ta-da it' goes from there. I just did not like this story. And was completely disappointed, and thats rare that I would absolutely not find anything in a story that i liked but here it is!   I felt like I wasted my time.

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