Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ravyn's Destiny by Jana Downs (Ravyn Warriors #3)

Ravyn's Destiny (Ravyn Warriors, #3)The demon Prince Salvatore is a kingdomless monarch getting tired of life. Watched over by five Ravyn warriors, he’s spent generations trying to take back his kingdom from his murderous cousin. All he desires is to return home in peace. Then he meets an unexpected treasure, a human who won’t tell him his name. Now he wants something for himself that he never wanted before—love.

Destin is a faery King who has been unlucky in relationships. He’s been hurt in the past and has given up on love. By playing a bartender in the human world, he keeps his distance emotionally from other people, until he meets a gorgeous foreigner who wants him to take a chance.

When fate thrusts the two of them together, can they learn to embrace the unexpected gift they’ve been given? Or is their shared destiny just too good to be true?

                                                             4.5 STARS 

This is book 3 in this series and i gotta say my favorite so far, not only is the sex in this one extremely HOT!!!! but I really liked the storyline, it was different enough that I was caught off guard and thoroughly enjoyed the more in depth of the characters and what was going on inside their heads and hearts. And it kept true to the original plot line of the series without being the same story Loved it!

The Demon Prince Salvatore is depressed with his life he's on the run from his crazy demon cousin, his Ravyns are finding their true loves and he's attracted to a bartender. Fate steps in and he ends up in the Summer court of the Fae. Destin the Fae king has to make a split decision and kidnaps Salvatore to save his life. and all hell breaks lose Destin is terrified of getting his heart broke and Salvatore is determined to mate with Destin forever. 

I recommend this book and series I already bought the 4th book because yes it's that good I really liked it.

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