Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finn by Angel Martinez (Endangered Fae 1)

When Diego rescues a naked man from the rail of the Brooklyn Bridge, he just wants to get the poor man out of traffic and to social services. He gets more than he bargained for when Finn turns out to be an ailing pooka, poisoned by the pollution of the city. To help him recover, Diego takes him north to New Brunswick where Finn inadvertently wakes an ancient, evil spirit, the wendigo.

While Diego and Finn struggle to find a way to destroy the wendigo before it can possess Diego or kill nearby innocents, Diego wrestles with his growing feelings for Finn. Can they succeed in killing the monster and in navigating a relationship between a modern man and a centuries-old fairy?
                            3 STARS   

I bought this book wanting to find more authors that i would get hooked on, not gonna happen. Sorry this story didn't work for me, the storyline could have really worked but this one started very slow, and dragged till right about the end, then it actually got ok, not a bad ending but still left me with too many questions.

Diego came across as a sweet hearted guy who loves to help those in need, which is a great character trait i really liked that. but then he lets his supposed boyfriend treat him like dirt and even apologizes to said bf WTH? He meets Finn on the brooklyn bridge and goes to save him, the story from there seems to go crazy, I mean he eventually finds out that Finn is Fae right? but there's too many things left that I personally needed answered to really get into this story. And what was up with the ex bf? another wtf? moment.

Finn of course is Fae, who can shift into any animal. We go through all the confusion of life in this time frame, being around iron which is dangerous to Fae and we don't get his story till close to the end. That made him kinda aloof I felt, I just couldn't get into his character as well as I could with Diego. Just too much going on in this story and not really getting anywhere i felt.

Sorry I will not be getting the next one in this series, it didn't work 
for me.

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