Friday, March 16, 2012

Continental Divide by Lisa Worrall & LE Harner(Seperate Ways, Book One)

Continental Divide
Detective Remington frickin’ hates the missing persons detail, but a cold fury builds in the pit of his stomach when he realizes that over the past three months six boys have disappeared from the smaller communities that surround the greater Phoenix area. All reported to be runaways looking to escape their shitty lives, but Remy’s starting to put together a different picture and he doesn’t like it one damn bit.

Inspector Jamie Mainwaring stares at the six reports, willing them to make sense. Six boys, six months, all from just outside of London, which meant six different investigations. All of the boys were between the ages of ten and fifteen, all purportedly runaways from dysfunctional families. Something was rotten in Denmark.

There are always runaways. Every small town loses them—every big city collects them. Kids look for freedom and discover they have more to lose than they ever thought possible. London and Phoenix, culture and cowboys, nothing linking these two sprawling metropolitan areas. Nothing except a hit on a computer data search.

Two cops, one a cowboy, the other a Lord. A secret government agency, human trafficking, and a blazing hot mutual distraction.

What the hell have Remington and Mainwaring gotten themselves into?

                                                                                  5 STARS
OMG! I love this book, this story is what I would deem as my favorite book this year! It had everything I wanted, great chemistry between the characters, Hot Sex!, an awesome story plot, and the best yet, another book in this series to come. Only one downfall I could find and that was I've gotta wait till fall to get the next one. Yes, I'm pouting...This was the best story I have read since the Cut & Run series. I was hooked from the first page til the end, and I will be reading it again and again.

Jamie is an Inspector, (why is it everytime i say that, I can't help thinking the pink panther?) who is also an English Lord. But doesn't act like one, he loves his job and gets to know everyones name. Basically he's a good guy with a heart, he ends up working with the American Detective Remy and sparks fly, there's attraction but a butting of heads too. I loved how these authors wove their chemistry, sexuality, and passion for their jobs and this crime into this story. 

Then you get American Detective Remington (yes I thought of Remington Steele, whenever I said his name) Jamie calls him cowboy and that's how he comes across, he's tough had a hard life but got a soft spot for kids especially teens on the street. He fights his attraction for as long as he can and there were times I wanted to smack him, but I got why he did the things he does. 

I'm telling you if this story was a movie I'd own it! It was a great great story and I will be watching for the next one. If you haven't already got this one read it you will not be disappointed. I laughed, cried and screamed at these characters, they will take you on they're journey with them, so enjoy the ride. I sure as hell did.

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