Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Seahorse Who Loved The Wrong Lynx by Scarlet Hyacinth (Mate or Meal 8)

The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx (Mate or Meal, #8)Best friend or beloved? All his life, seahorse Layton believed he loved lynx shifter Corbin. But when his body and heart reach out to Corbin’s brother, Preston, instead, he is left in absolute confusion, humiliated and afraid of his own emotions.

For years, Preston has known Layton is his mate. The only thing more painful than his mate choosing his brother over him is the knowledge of Layton’s pain at Corbin’s rejection. But then, his friendship with Layton suddenly becomes more. The knowledge that it could still be a one-time thing hurts more than Layton’s platonic affection ever did.

When as a result to their passionate encounter, Layton becomes pregnant, erratic emotions explode. What will happen when the reason behind Layton’s confusion is revealed? Can Preston and Layton overcome the threat on their hearts, lives, and families?

                                                            4.75 STARS 

This one has become my favorite so far in this series, mainly because I liked the fact that it wasn't Corbin who was Layton's mate but Corbin's brother Preston. It gave the plot a completely different storyline to work with and made it unique enough that I can't wait till the next book in this series, Cause I can't tell where it could go now.

Layton is a seahorse shifter, who has always thought that lynx shifter Corbin was his mate, so he tries his best to get Corbin's attention, which doesn't work. After a confrontation with Corbin and whatever slut of the week he's with now, Layton gets into a car accident which brings his true mate Preston to find him. Things escalate and they end up having sex. Layton freaks out and runs home for 2 months, only to find out he's pregnant.

Preston on the other hand is a lynx shifter who is pining after his mate but always knew his mate wanted his brother. Things happen and it all comes out that Layton was put under a spell that kept him from knowing that Pres was his mate, and the story takes off to find who and why a spell was cast.

I liked this story alot, mainly because it didn't hold to any of my preconceived notions. And it gave me a whole new plot line to check out. I love this series Mate or Meal and if you haven't read it you should I like it. I recommend this book.

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