Friday, March 16, 2012

Status Dramaticus by Stephani Hecht

Newbie paramedic Dakota knows that the other EMS workers like to call him by his nickname, Status Dramaticus. But it’s not his fault, honestly. Okay, so maybe he got into a huge, overblown breakup with one of his boyfriends while they were on the job. And maybe he’d crashed the rig once or twice or…so, but that could have happened to anybody. The exploding oxygen tank incident was another innocent mistake, too, so why do his co-workers keep hassling him? All Dakota wants to do is make a living and a new life for himself in Flint.

When Charlie is transferred to the Flint Police Department, he’s ready for a change of scenery. While he liked his old city, he was ready to leave all the drama from his family and exes behind. So when he finds himself strangely fascinated by the most dramatic guy in all of Flint, Charlie is both annoyed and at a loss.

Then Dakota finds himself in trouble and Charlie knows he has no choice but to help. Will they survive long enough to find true love, or will the drama meet a sad, sudden end?

                                                           4.5 STARS

Another awesome book by Stephani Hecht, who was the first author I read in the m/m books she got me hooked and thats all I read now. So thanks to Ms. Hecht you are awesome! This book is in the EMS Heat series I happen to love a man in a uniform so it's right up my alley. LOL

Dakota is an EMS Paramedic whom I just fell in love with maybe because I'm klutsy too, But still it just seems he's always in the wrong place at the wrong time, plus he has a twin. I know I'm preving again but anyway. He feels like he's just got a black cloud around him and the other guys have given him the nickname Status Dramaticus which he hates, he's somewhat insecure and his childhood wasn't the greatest. So when he gets into a fender bender with a deer (Damn those evil Jonas Brothers) his rescuer is none other than the Police Officer Charlie. 

Charlie recently transfer to the Flint Police Department, stops to help Dakota with his fender bender, and seems to fall head over heels as soon as the paramedic wants to give said deer CPR. Charlie is the master of one night stands, can't get Dakota out of his mind. And decides to change that one night when they meet at a bar.

I loved these two together, they were just too cute and were set up for the next story too. If you haven't read the EMS Heat series do it now it's worth it and the stories are entertaining. I definitely recommend this book.


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