Sunday, March 18, 2012

Custom Toys Made To Order by Gabrielle Evans (Sexually Awkward 1)

The closest Atticus Drake has ever come to a sexual experience is designing toys for kinky paranormals. Shy and awkward, his forays into physical relationships have never gone past first base. So, when he finds himself mated to the crown prince of the entire vampire race, he's pretty sure it's fate's cruel joke.

Prince Salem Constantine is running out of time. With his one hundredth birthday quickly approaching, he needs to choose a consort if he hopes to become king. Atticus is definitely the mate he's been waiting for, but there's one problem. Atticus isn't a vampire.

The mandates are clear, and Salem needs not only a consort, but a vampire consort. Atticus refuses to turn, and Salem has no intentions of giving up the sexy panther. Can the two find a solution before time runs out? Or will they be forced apart because of the laws governing Salem's world

                           4.75 STARS

Gabrielle Evans has a new series SQUEEE!!!!!!! Yeah I'm a little excited ok I'm alot excited. Ms. Evans never disappoints me and this one is awesome. As with any series the first book is always the hardest because you have to set up the world that your story is in. But Ms. Evans always seems to make it so easy without losing sight and feel of her main characters, thats not easy to do but she does it wonderfully.

Atticus is a virgin panther who started a custom made sex toy business for paranormals with 5 of his friends right outta college. On top of that all 6 of them are shy and from what i gathered kinda nerdy, but i think thats completely sexy. Anyway he's got an order for something special for the Prince of vampires to make. He meets the Prince at his club, after he drinks a drink he shouldn't have, and the Prince saves him. I liked their chemistry together and loved the secondary characters.

Prince Salem anyhow is gonna be King soon cause his father the king is dying and he has to have a consort by his birthday, which is in 22 days. He meets Atticus and all hell breaks lose. It's a cute story with some drama, not enough for a box of tissues,Hot sex, and a great love story, them getting to know one another I liked that part the best. Plus you get a set up for the plot line for future books loved it. 

I can't wait for the next one, it's already pre-ordered. I recommend this book and this series I think it's gonna be awesome.

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