Monday, March 19, 2012

The Mark of an Alpha by Kim Dare (Pack Disciplin 1)

The Mark of an Alpha (Pack Discipline, #1)
Book one in the Pack Discipline SeriesDominance and submission mean different things to werewolves than to humans. Once Marsdon and Bennett try things the human way - nothing can ever be the same for them again.
Werewolf tradition is very clear. The alpha pair is the corner stone of the pack. Equality between the alphas is everything. Alphas mate with alphas.
Human leather clubs work to different rules. Dominants mate with submissives. Power is exchanged freely and for the ultimate pleasure of all. Sometimes the most alpha men in the club find happiness with the most omega men. And sometimes the omegas are more than they first appear to be.
A wolf might be able to hide his identity and play anonymously in those clubs for a little while, but he can't ignore reality forever. Marsdon and Bennett have lives to get back to, they have packs to return to...they have wolfen traditions to follow.
They have just one more night together before they have to lose each other forever. All they can do now, is make the most of it.
                                                   4.25 STARS

This series had such an interesting take on the whole Wolf, Pack, Mate situation that I really liked the difference. I mean it starts with a very intense BDSM scene that was just plain HOT! I mean self....But what got me hooked on this book was the mark scene I actually cried when the Master left it was intense seriously.

We get Bennett who has never seen his Dom but as a Alpha he has to not be submissive so he goes to a club and thats where he meets his master. But it can't last so they have one night which is where this story starts. Bennett has to mate with another Alpha whom he's never met, once they meet and he realizes that it's his master he struggles with his want to submit, being an Alpha and falling in love with his mate. I loved they way Ms. Dare brought it across and you understand where Bennett is coming from. Of course there are times I wanted to shake him but his character is brought about in a very interesting manner.

Marsdon is an Alpha, and Dom you get the beginning scene from his point of view and realize right off the bat that he's head over heels for his sub, even though he's never seen his face. It's pretty awesome when a reader can feel how intense and strong a characters love is. He tries repeatedly to make Bennett understand that he doesn't see him as less of an Alpha because he likes to submit.
We get this story from that, the struggles on both sides, the start of a new pack and our secondary characters also.

I loved this story, when you get a scene as intense as the first one in this book is, you can't put it down till your finished. I've already bought the second book in this series because I loved the first. I recommend this book.

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