Monday, March 26, 2012

Ravyn's Heart by Jana Downs (Ravyn Warriors 2)

Ravyn's Heart (Ravyn War­riors #2)
Allasandro, also known as Ally-cat, is a demon warrior with a sense of humor. He’s a legend among his Ravyn warrior brothers and the Demon Prince they guard for his expert pursuit of both male and female admirers. An admitted commitment-phobe, the last thing he wants in life is a "forever" kind of relationship.

The vampire Damian has long since given up on finding true love. Then he meets the cocky Ravyn warrior who ignites his passions like nothing else. He shouldn’t want Allasandro, but he can’t seem to help himself. After living the past decade alone, he’s ready for forever, and the only one who will satisfy him is the one man he shouldn’t desire.

Ally has agreed to look for a boy toy for the vampire on behalf of Damian’s son, Dageus. But the powerful, brooding man that he’s agreed to set up is everything he’s ever wanted in a mate. Damian is breaking his limits faster than he can erect them, and duty and propriety are interfering ever more heavily in their affair. Can Ally commit to the relationship, or is their taboo romance just too much for the warrior to handle?

                                                            4.5 STARS 

This is the second book in the Ravyn's Warriors series and I gotta admit I liked it even better than the first. this one is more about the characters and their relationship and how they deal with it than action or drama. I mean you get more drama between the Ravyn's then an outside villain, You get to know the secondary characters more but it's main focus is on your main two.

Allasandro is the wild child, party animal, slut LOL of the group I think he's also the youngest too He's best friends with Dagues from the first book, so we get more into that relationship also. He goes to the airport to pick up Damian who is his bf's dad and OMG he's attracted to Damian in a major way, and the fantasies holy hell I'm talking HOT!!! Ally-cat earned his nickname being just that, so suddenly in a serious relationship has it's down fall.

Damian is one of the oldest vampires, Dagues' father and Alex master vampire of Haven's brother, he also has a voice of an angel. He's kinda depressed and given up on life since Dageus disappeared 6yrs ago, now he's gotta find a muse. Guess where that comes from Ally-cat. Thats where the fun begins because Damn they both have some seriously HOT fantasies, and its hard for Dageus to come to terms with his dad dating his best friend.

I recommend this book cause it was fun and i thoroughly enjoyed it.  Just picked up the third book in this series and can't wait to read that one, Great Job Ms. Downs.

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