Monday, March 19, 2012

Howl for Me by Dana Marie Bell (True Destiny #3)

Howl For Me (True Destiny, #3)
For a love that will last through the ages, they must fight an evil older than time.

Jeffrey Grimm’s grandfather, Odin, tortured and nearly killed his twin sister. He’s on a mission to return the favor. To get the job done, he needs the world's oldest living laser hair removal candidate: Fenris├╣lfr, the werewolf prophesy has decreed will kill Odin at Ragnarrok.

When he gets to Norway, though, he discovers the wolf can change into a man…a man so sexy that Jeff is blindsided with lust. And, despite his blood ties to Odin, Fen wants him with equal ferocity.

An attraction to the blood kin of his oldest enemy? Fenris figures he must have been caged far too long. Yet as soon as the magical phrase that frees him leaves Jeff’s lips, Fenris has no choice. He is bound to protect Jeff at all costs, even if it means giving up his hatred of the man who betrayed him—and learning to live with the horrors of toothpaste and the Internet.

Odin isn’t through with him, though. And when he gets his hands on Jeff, Fen calls upon everything within him to fulfill the prophecy... even if it means his own death. 

                                                 4 STARS

Okay here we go, now this is a m/m book thats a part of a series where the first two books were m/m/f and m/f. Now that being said I did not read the first two, and yet I still really liked this book. Now thats saying something, because to really understand this book you should read the two previous ones. I just haven't felt like reading any thing but m/m's.

Here's what I got Jeff is human even though his dad is Thor, Yeah I got a little lost there too. But his twin sister is in the previous book and his older sis in the first one. With me so far? It did take me awhile to get all the mythology and all the Gods names worked out but that college course in mythology really came in handy. Anyhow we have Jeff who rescues Fenris from his imprisonment by Odin.
Jeff is Fen's mate so  they struggle with that, and Odin wanting to kill everybody. 

This story would make one hell of a syfy movie seriously there's alot of action and some really hot sex, plus you are set up for the next book. What I didn't like about this book is you do really need to read the previous ones to get who is who in it, I gotta say I was lost a big part of this book. But Ms. Bell can definitely tell a damn good story cause i had to finish it and thats the main thing right?
I will recommend this book.

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