Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Midnight in London by G.A. Hauser

Thirty-one year old Ted Mack, the high-school 'geek', was on the cusp of developing the next mega social-network-for-one. His group of techno-philes worked day and night to create a unique computer network that would astonish the world.
Twenty-three year old Kevin Moore, Jeremy West's straight roommate from the novel 'Teacher's Pet', has graduated college with honors and is now working on his own creating websites. His idol? Ted Mack.
When the two meet during an IT convention in London, the connection between the handsome college jock and the geek is electric. With the chiming of Big Ben signaling the midnight hour in the background, Ted and Kevin kiss, altering their lives from that moment on.
Can that one moment in time make a connection that will last a lifetime? Or will their colliding worlds pull them apart?
Both Ted and Kevin knew their relationship would not be easy. And if it fell apart? They always had Midnight in London.
                                            4.5 STARS

I absolutely enjoyed this book, Ms. Hauser as always has some of the hottest sex scenes in any book I have read, and yes thats saying something considering how many books I read. First I like that in most of this author's books I get to meet previous characters who let me connect to newer ones, it seems it makes me feel like I know them you know? I seriously love reading G.A. Hauser's books.

Lets start with Ted brilliant cyber-computer geek, on the verge of being a cyber billionaire, heads to London for a conference. He sees that his company is finely making it big, he has loyal employees but no one special to enjoy his success with. He has a very interesting kinky side, that he likes to indulge in, he has plenty of opportunities for one night stands but no one interests him for more.
Until Kevin catches his eye.

Kevin is a smart jock, brilliant but with a quarterbacks body. He's fascinated with Ted, as a mentor but also has a crush on him. Even though he's not sure he's gay, he has had fantasies of his former roommate in college, but wants to act on those feelings with Ted. When the opportunity arises and he get the chance to not only meet his idol but gets to go to dinner with him. Throw in former characters and some quirky employees and you get a great read. I would definitely recommend this book!

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