Thursday, March 15, 2012

Waking Up Naked by Kim Dare

Carl has a plan. After months spent staring at Miles Kavanagh and admiring him from afar, he’s finally going to do something about his crush on his boss. An office party provides Carl with the perfect opportunity to make his move on the older man. All he needs to do now is get a bit of Dutch courage inside him. Or maybe a lot of Dutch courage…

Falling asleep in his boss’s bed might have been part of Carl’s plan—but waking up naked in that bed the following morning, with no memory of how he come to be that way, really wasn’t on his agenda. Could he really have forgotten one of the most important nights of his life?
                               4 STARS

Waking up Naked is book 2 in the sex sells series, it's a really good book too. I liked the storyline, Carl waking up and not remembering the night before, was fun and gave this book an interesting edge to it.

Carl is an employee at SKIN an advertising agency, the night before they had an office party and he drank too much, so he wakes up in a strange bedroom with no memory of what happened. Sneaks out only to realize he was in his boss' bedroom naked. uh-oh!

Miles is one of 4 Dominates who runs SKIN, he's had his eye on Carl since he came to work there, even though they have rules against fraternization with employees he wants Carl as his sub plain and simple.

These two go through a series of miss communication and have to make choices on what they want from each other. It's a good story and I would definitely read the rest of this series. The sex is Hot and the storyline is set up well. I would recommend this book.

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